Présentation par Luisa Moretto « Planification urbaine et droit à la ville: une perspective du Sud »

Dans le cadre du séminaire DALVAA, Luisa Moretto (Centre de recherche HABITER, Université Libre de Bruxelles) présentera ses travaux le 2 octobre 2015, à partir de 9h30 dans la salle 830 au laboratoire CESSMA.

Planification urbaine et droit à la ville: une perspective du Sud

 image Luisa

This presentation would like to put into context and bring into the current scientific debate the alternative practices and imaginaries related to the right to the city, which have emerged at various scales. It does it by addressing issues of resource distribution, equity, rights, democracy and differences. The aim is to critically examine their claims and values in order to envisage new urban imaginaries capable of better representing the pluralities of society, expanding the envisioned democracy that through centuries we have been able to imagine, but not realize, and responding to the multiple challenges and needs that the contemporary city seems incapable of addressing in its present state. The African and Latin American case studies presented offer the opportunity to expand our knowledge about strategies and tools which are useful for translating the imaginaries into socio-spatial projects to build better cities. It also allows for checking our progress, because a definite solution does not exist, we are preceding by trial and error, therefore a monitoring mechanism becomes fundamental.

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