Présentation par Sara Dorman, “Citizenship and the bifurcated state in Zimbabwe” (27/11/2015)

Dans le cadre du séminaire DALVAA, Sara Dorman, (Politics & International Relations (PIR), School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh) présentera ses travaux le 27 novembre 2015, à partir de 9h30 dans la salle 870 au laboratoire CESSMA.

‘Citizenship and the bifurcated state in Zimbabwe’

Photo Dormann

Starting with the mass clearances known as ‘Operation Murambatsvina’, the paper explores how urban planning and norms about urban and rural life inform and interpellate ideas about statehood, citizenship and voting rights.   The paper both critiques and builds upon Mamdani’s notion of the ‘bifurcated state’ to explore the remarkable durability of colonial notions of order and productivity, and the implications this has for democratic norms and expectations in contemporary Zimbabwe.  In this way it situates citizenship in African states in a broader context  – not simply based on legal positions, nor claims to autochthony, but drawing also on ideas about ‘worth’ and contribution to the polity.  As this suggests, we need to move beyond instrumental accounts of citizenship, and examine the ways in which these norms are embedded in processes of state-making.

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