Publication. Marianne Morange, Francesca Pilo’, Amandine Spire,”Experiencing regularisation in Accra, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. The actual right to the city, neoliberalisation and everyday life”, City, analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action, 2018.

In the prolific contemporary discussions on the right to the city, little attention has been paid to the multifaceted political meaning of the reshaping of city dwellers’ rights, duties and responsibilities through regularisation processes inspired by neoliberal logics. This paper fills in this gap by engaging in an analysis of the dialectical relation between the political dimension of everyday life, urban rights, neoliberal urban policies and political emancipation. We thereby break from a radical reading of Lefebvre’s notion and from a focus on political mobilisation in order to cast a new light on the debate on the right to the city.

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